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Boston Opera Collaborative at the BCA Plaza, Boston MA


Directed by Patricia Weinman

Scenic Design: Andy Nice

Lighting Design: Chris Bocchiaro

Costume Design: Kristen Connoly

"Patricia-Maria Weinmann’s production and Andrea Nice’s sets were beautiful in their shadowy design. The performance space was adorned with black pillars trimmed in silver paint. The scene in the church was simple, yet stark, with scattered lights on the floor to capture the sun through a church window."

Boston Classical Review



"The highlight of Andrea Nice’s minimalist set is a kind of geometric rose window for the church scene."
The Boston Globe


"The show’s scenic elements came together to create a disturbing, abstract world redolent of early 20th century Expressionist film. Andrea Nice’s imaginative set suggested various settings as seen through the lens of a nightmare. A rounded, segmented piece set at an angle suggested a rose window with alternating panes of glass missing; Méphistofélès stood behind the structure in darkness, his reflection barely perceptible as Marguerite, terrified, struggles to find the source of the voice proclaiming her downfall. Lighting designer Chris Bocchiaro made excellent use of the relatively limited palette available in a black box, creating an array of effects both subtle and dramatic. Fallen chandeliers lying about the stage with other architectural detritus suggested glamour, decadence and destruction simultaneously, as well as something of the silent movie based on Gaston Leroux’s Phantom of the Opera. The electric bulbs within dimmed and brightened depending on the scene, creating a disquieting atmosphere overshadowed by the omnipresence of a malign supernatural force."

Boston Musical Intelligencer

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